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An Unforgettable Experience In Chiang Mai


Going to an exotic place for a holiday is the dream of any would-be traveler. One destination that has always been appealing to many people is Chiang Mai. Let us take a look at this city and what it can offer visitors.

Chiang Mai

Unlike other cities in Thailand, this one has a more relaxed and toned uhorjcekmdown atmosphere. Getting to Chiang Mai is easy as it has a small but well organized international airport. You can also reach there by train and bus from the capital Bangkok. Many international airlines fly to this city due to its popularity. The city and its surrounding have much to offer every type of visitor whether young or old, single, married or a family. There are many chiang mai tours that you can take to see the best of this historical place. Here are some places you must see when you go to this destination.

Doi Suthep Temple

For every visitor to this city, going to this temple is a must. You can get there in less than an hour from the moat, and you will first be faced with a flight of stairs to get to the temple. However, for those who cannot walk up, there is an elevator too. The temple is beautiful with a great view of the city.

Doi Inthanon

You can reach this place by public transport or motorbike. It will take about two hours to reach the top, and you will find two amazing pagodas there with a scenic view of the surrounding mountains. Along the way, you can visit some beautiful waterfalls and enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants that serve local food which is full of flavor.

Chiang Mai Zoo

The zoo in this city is amazing with a large selection of species and even pandas. You can enjoy a full day here which is suitable for families to spend a day out.

ug;oThe Night Markets

There are a few night markets in the city with many things that you can buy some great souvenirs and other trinkets that are local handmade. It will be an amazing experience to do a little shopping and enjoy some street food which will be a mixed of amazing ingredients which will give you a taste explosion in your mouth.


Thailand is an amazing country with a lot of history, culture and friendly people. Make Chiang Mai your next holiday destination and you will not be disappointed.