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The Top Health Benefits Of Yoga

The main purpose of yoga is to help create strength, harmony, as well as awareness in both your mind and body. As a matter of fact, there are very many different types of yoga, but most of them involve meditation, poses, as well as breathing exercises. Also, yoga is also associated with several health benefits. Here some health benefits of yoga:

The Top Benefits Of Yoga

Relieving Stress

Researchers have been able to show that yoga can help minimize the physical effects of stress on the body. Your body responds to stress by releasing a hormone known as cortisol (stress hormone), which is released by your adrenal glands. A high level of cortisol in your body is an indication of high-stress levels.


Yoga has been shown to help lower cortisol levels in the body.If you are looking for an activity to relieve the work stress, visit In fact, most yoga classes end with a relaxation pose known as savasana, which help reduce stress levels further.

Boosting Immunity

Researchers in Norway have been able to demonstrate in the recent past that practicing yoga leads to changes in gene expression that are responsible for boosting immunity at a cellular level. The researchers believe that these changes take place within a very short span of time; even before the person who is practicing yoga leaves is or her mat. Also, yoga is also known to help boost your immunity by helping improve your overall health. This is because yoga helps your organs to function better through improved breathing as well as better circulation and movement.

Improving Sexual Performance

Scientific studies have shown that yoga can improve sexual desire, performance, as well as arousal and orgasm in both men and women. This is because yoga helps enhance blood flow into the genital area; an important aspect when it comes to arousal and erections. Also, improved blood floor to the pelvic region also helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are also known to help boost sexual performance.

Improving Sleep

Another significant health benefit of practicing yoga is helping improve sleep. One scientific study conducted by researchers from Harvard showed that practicing yoga for eight weeks on a daily basis helped people with insomnia to sleep better. In yet another different study, researchers were able to show that practicing yoga two times every week helped cancer survivors feel less fatigued and also improved their sleep.


This was attributed to yoga’s ability to help reduce stress. The mental and breathing exercises associated with yoga help your mind to relax, leading to improved sleep patterns.